Success Seekers, High Achievers, and Ambitious Professionals: Unleash 5,000-Year Old …

Forbidden Tibetan Energy Secrets

Energize Your Ambitions: Ancient Power for Modern-Day Success Mastery. Click “Play” on the video below now…

  Stuck in a cycle of endless ambition yet feeling miles away from true success? It’s not about doubling your efforts; it’s about unlocking the potential already within you.

  Prepare to integrate powerful, Source Energy strategies into every aspect of your life to achieve mastery over your professional landscapes and personal endeavors.

  Are you ready to leave mediocrity behind and step into a sphere of unprecedented success?

  It’s time to transform your ambitions into accomplishments with the guidance of millennia-old Tibetan Energy secrets, redefined for today.

Source Energy Techniques for Winning: Ancient Energy Practices for Modern Victories

  Imagine waking up every day, feeling like you’ve already won. No more doubts, no more what-ifs.

  You’ve tried it all – seminars, books, even meditation. And yet, here you are, feeling stuck, watching others climb the ladder of success while you wonder what you’re missing.

  It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter, with the right Energy guiding your every step.

  Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge is more than a course; it’s a transformation. It’s your roadmap out of the endless cycle of ambition without accomplishment, the key to finally breaking through the invisible barriers keeping you from your dreams.

  “Dragon” taps into 5,000 year old ancient wisdom, refined for the modern achiever like you. It’s not just about getting that next promotion or hitting that income target. It’s about transforming how you approach success itself.

  It addresses the core of what holds you back – fear, impostor syndrome, the pressure to always be more. It gives you the Energetic tools to effortlessly attract success and Win… No Matter the Challenge.

  You’re here now, you’re reading this page, and you need a change.

  Not tomorrow… now.

  You owe it to yourself to be more than just another hard worker. You are a leader, an innovator, someone who sets the pace for others to follow. 

  Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge offers you the chance to step into that identity fully. To win in your career, business, in your relationships, and in your personal growth.

  This isn’t just about igniting your fire; it’s about sustaining an inferno of success, personal growth, and leadership.

  With “Dragon,” you step into a life where success isn’t just achieved; it’s an inevitable part of your existence. Expect to shatter the invisible barriers of fear and impostor syndrome, forging a path filled with career triumphs, enriching relationships, and an indomitable spirit of innovation.

  You deserve more than hard work without reward. You are destined to lead, innovate, and inspire. 

  It’s time fully embrace an identity where you Win No Matter the Challenge.

Introducing: Your Great 8

Energy for Success is the Energy practice that lets you obtain long lasting results in all of the Great 8 areas of life.

1. Relationships
2. Expanding Finances
3. Accessing Equanimity
4. Increased Creativity
5. Health, Vitality, Strength
6. Stimulated Intelligence
7. Noticing Serendipity on Command
8. Getting in The Zone

Rapid Transformation Vibration Technique: Your Catalyst for Change

  At the core of Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge lies the Rapid Transformation Vibration Technique (RTVT), a cutting-edge Source Energy Mindfulness Method crafted to awaken and align your Energetic sensors. 

  RTVT is more than a practice; it’s your bridge to accessing Source Energy, allowing for an unparalleled depth of personal insight and transformation.

  The RTVT helps open your Energetic sensors, those vital conduits through which clarity, purpose, and profound personal breakthroughs flow. This technique is designed to dismantle the barriers of fear, self-doubt, and stagnation, empowering you to surpass your known limits with grace and confidence.

  Embracing RTVT through our user-friendly, anytime-access platform means committing to a life where your Energetic potential is not only recognized but fully unleashed. 

  Are you ready to explore the depths of your capability and open the door to a realm of success previously unimagined? Allow RTVT to illuminate the path.

Mapping Out Your Energy Journey to Success: What to Expect

  Prepare for your 12-month expedition from within an exclusive, private membership area. This platform is accessible across all your devices, ensuring you can embark on your transformative journey from anywhere, at any time, seamlessly integrating with your dynamic lifestyle.

  Here’s what to expect in you life-changing journey:

  • Breakthrough Personal and Professional Barriers: Overcome deep-seated fears, doubts, and impostor syndrome, unlocking a new realm of personal power and professional success.

  • Transform Your Relationship with Success: Shift from tirelessly chasing success to naturally attracting and achieving it.

  • Develop Unshakable Confidence and Clarity: Tap into ancient Energy practices to find unprecedented levels of confidence, clarity, and purpose in every aspect of your life.

  • Ignite Your Inner Fire: Fuel your ambition with newfound Energy and passion, propelling you towards your dreams with ease and joy.

  • Accessing Equanimity: Discover peace amid chaos, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. “Dragon” turns upsets into stepping stones towards success with equanimity at your helm.

  • Creativity: Propel beyond conventional boundaries into a realm where creativity flows uninterrupted. Unleash your inventive spirit to harmonize with the universe, finding unique solutions at every turn.

  • Health, Vitality, Strength: Tap into Source Energy to rejuvenate your essence, embracing a journey filled with vitality and youthfulness. Empower your body and spirit to surf the vibrant waves of success.

  • Intelligence: Sharpen your mental acuity and intuition, unveiling opportunities hidden to the ordinary eye. “Dragon” enhances your daily discovery, elevating creativity and insight.

  • Notice of Serendipity: Curate a life where serendipity is the norm, aligning your energy with your deepest desires. Witness the miraculous unfold daily, as “Dragon” sets the stage for awe-inspiring moments.

  • Experience Holistic Growth: Witness transformation not just in your career or business, but in personal well-being, relationships, and creativity, inspired by holistic ancient wisdom and cutting-edge techniques.

  • Forge Strong Connections: Build a supportive network with fellow high achievers as you navigate your transformation.

  • Master Emotional Regulation: Learn to harness and redirect your emotional Energy towards powerful, positive outcomes.

  • Elevate Decision Making: Sharpen your ability to make decisions quickly, based on intuition enhanced by the RTVT practices.

  • Cultivate Resilience: Develop a robust mindset that thrives on challenges and rebounds from setbacks stronger than before.

  • Achieve Peak Performance: Unlock the secrets to sustaining peak performance levels in all areas of life without burnout.

  • Harness Joy and Gratitude: Discover practices that deepen your sense of joy and gratitude, enriching your personal and professional life.

  • Embrace Authentic Leadership: Step into your role as a genuine leader, influencing and inspiring others with integrity and vision.

  • Unlock Creative Potential: Tap into unexplored areas of creativity, bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of your work.

  • Sustain Lifelong Learning: Develop a mindset geared towards continuous improvement and lifelong learning, keeping you at the forefront of your field.

  • Live Purposefully: Clarify your life’s purpose, aligning your daily actions with your deepest values and ambitions.

  • And much, much more.

Elevate Your Life with Dragon:
A Year of Unprecedented Growth

 Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge isn’t just about achieving your goals; it’s about redefining what you believe is possible, leaving an indelible mark of success and fulfillment on both your life and the world.

Supported by four unique, powerful components delivered to you once per month designed to propel you faster and further than you’ve ever imagined.

Over the next year, you receive exclusive access to:

  • Daily Group Calls lead by trained Facilitators Our trained facilitators are ready to guide you on topics each day and are there to support you with any challenges that are facing in your journey. Their goal is to help you win in all of the areas of the great 8!
  • 12 Powerful Transformational Teachings – Absorb wisdom that transcends the ages, yet is updated for the demands of today’s ambitious achiever, accessible anytime you need a dose of ancient wisdom.
  • 12 Rapid Transformation Vibration Technique (RTVT) Practices –  your key to unlock and harmonize your Energetic sensors. Designed to break through the barriers that have long held you back, these practices stand at the ready to transform your moments of stillness into opportunities for profound growth and success mastery.
  • 12 Physical Energy Techniques – Fuel your fire with monthly insights that inspire action and innovation, all streamable from the comfort of your home or on the go.
  • 12 Mental Energy Techniques – Shift your mindset monthly with tactics that ensure your mental prowess matches your ambitions, adaptable to your schedule and accessible on your preferred device.
  • Signal Group to Share Your Wins

Here's The Details On Course Content

Month 1:
Ready for Change

Because everything is changing all the time, we’re kicking this program off with the topic of fear and change.

The more you can adapt and move with this change, the more powerfully you can create win-win situations in your life to get results far beyond anything you could previously expect.

Month 2:
Closing the Worry Loop

Secrets to stop siphoning off your Energy with worry.

The result will be that you have much more Energy to take action on your goals.

Month 3:
End Loneliness Forever

Learn techniques to help you feel connected and nourished by your relationships with others.

The tools and practices provided to you will support your performance in shooting through the roof.

Month 4:
Making Smarter Decisions

Learn how to make even more intelligent decisions faster, and creatively pivot when things take a difficult turn.

In the end, you make even more creative decisions on the spot that result in win-win solutions.

Month 5:
Making Smarter Decisions

Apply the Energy For Success practices when the real world throws you a curve.

You’ll learn how to open up alternate paths, expand your range of possibilities, and find win-win solutions to any of life’s unexpected challenges.

Month 6:
Creativity in Every Act

This course will focus on the practices that will slowly shift your entire approach to work, relationships, health, and problem solving.

These practices will open you to the creativity available in each moment, in each decision, and each act.

Month 7:
Extreme Perception

Be ready to increase your perceptivity.

You can expect to begin to see “problems” as they are, undistorted by emotional filters.

Month 8:
Always Be Ready

Cultivate a vibrational state of readiness and be fully present and connected to the Energy, so you’re ready to meet reality at all times.

Month 9:
Letting Go of the Past

How to Just. Let. Go.  

You will learn how to free your Energy from the bonds of the past and instead develop a whole new quality of freedom to create a better life than you could have imagined.

Month 10:
Achieving Peace

Are you ready to access the vibration of peace.?

Neutralize your reactions to conflicts conflicts all around you, especially on the internet and in the media, so you can create YOUR life from a place of peace.

Month 11:
Everything Is My Job

Get ready to embrace total responsibility.

You will learn how to empower yourself to take complete ownership of your life, your relationships, and your decisions.

Month 12:
Expanding Your Capacity

Learn one of the most powerful vibrations of this entire program. Enhance your capacities, assume greater responsibility, and create new capacity with the Energy For Success practices.

Don’t let another day go by feeling like you’re not living up to your potential. Take the step. Embrace the “Dragon” and start winning, no matter the challenge, with the flexibility and accessibility of our cutting-edge membership platform. Your journey to success begins now.

Introducing Dr. Barry Morguelan:
Master of Ancient Energies and Modern Success

  Dr. Barry Morguelan (Dr. B.) stands at the forefront of bridging timeless wisdom with today’s ambitions. 

As the visionary behind Energy For Success, creator of Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge, and the pioneer of the Rapid Transformation Vibration Technique, Dr. B. harnesses a unique blend of Ancient Chinese Source Energy practices, making him one of 12 Source Energy grandmasters.

  His quest for the world’s most potent healing and success principles led him to the heart of China, where he became versed in a 5,000-year-old Energy discipline, once the royal family’s safeguard. This profound knowledge, known as Source Energy, is the foundation of all contemporary Energy practices like reiki, chi gong, and tai chi.

  Having transformed the people of influence, professional athletes, CEOs, musicians, TV stars, creatives, and leaders of the US and foreign countries to ensure that they are at the most optimal state of their performance. Including names like Tony Robbins and Dave Asprey, Dr. B has over 15,000 documented success stories.

  Dr. B.’s method is undisputedly transformative. His approach seamlessly integrates Eastern Energy mastery with Western efficiency, optimizing performance across all facets of life.

  With Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge Dr. B. offers you more than a program; it’s an invitation to reshape your reality. Drawing from a harrowing 30-year apprenticeship and his extensive medical background, he provides an unparalleled system for holistic growth. This system not only counters modern stressors — It elevates your personal, spiritual, and professional development to levels beyond imagination.

  Join Dr. B. and unlock a life of fulfillment, success, and true Energy mastery. Discover how to align ancient power with your modern-day goals and live a life transformed.

Value $2,000.00
Start Your First Month for only



Then 11 monthly payments of $97

Value $2,000.00
Go All-In for only



Instantly save $294 when you fully commit to a year of unprecedented growth.

On the Fence?
Here's Are Few More Reasons Why…

  Over the years Dr. B has supported high-achievers such as Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Vishen Lakhiani, Jay Abraham, Dr. Ichak Adizes, people of influence, professional athletes, CEOs, musicians, TV stars, creatives, and leaders of the US and foreign countries in excelling beyond their previous limits.

  Here’s what they and many others have to say…

"[Energy For Success is] something that actually works!"
“[Energy For Success] can shift your ability to make energy inside your body in a way that is profound.”
- Dave Asprey
Founder of Bulletproof Coffee
"Uniquely different"
“Dr. B has a fundamental capacity to help people heal that’s uniquely different from anything I’ve experienced.”
- Tony Robbins
Chairman, Tony Robbins Holdings, Inc.
"It was like mainlining life back to someone who had given up."

“Within a few weeks, I had a book published that I had been unable to edit for over a year and a half.

“My joy is so back now. Using the energy, it doesn’t matter where you are; this energy will connect you back to yourself.”

- Dr. Lin Morel
Founder, Beyond Words Group, Inc.
"I didn’t think anything this powerful."

“Truthfully, I didn’t think anything this powerful and almost magical sounding could possibly be real, could possibly produce such exquisite outcomes for so many different people in so many different career, life, relationship and help situations.

“I challenged Dr. Barry to prove it first hand to me on my body, on my mind, on my business, with my work, with my relationships – – and you know what? He killed it!!”

- Jay Abraham
Owner, The Abraham Group
“The best investment I made in my life”

“Dr. B should not be explained. He must be experienced because his energy healing system is nothing short of magic. I went to him out of curiosity and had no expectations that anything good would come out of this hocus-pocus.

“Well I was wrong. Very wrong.

“It changed my marriage 180°. Like magic. I have no explanation of how it happened. As I said: magic. I look younger.

“Friends that have known me for years now ask what happened when they see me. What did I do to look so much younger?

“And, it is happening with everyone that knows me. Incredible. Dr. B told me he would make me lose 10 years.

“He did.

“Whatever he says, believe him. His work is worth to me a hundred times what I paid–the best investment I have made in my life.”

-Dr. Ichak Adizes
Founder and CEO of Adizes
"It incorporates all of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve found in Eastern Philosophy, Physics and a lot of the modern work on energy."

“This program was perfect for me because it not only helped me understand what Source Energy is and how it works – it ALSO helped me actually use it and focus it to create my life the way I want it to be.

As the course progressed, I learned how the physical exercises and guided visualizations open the sensors in my body and mind to see more opportunities – and frankly, raised my vibration, making me happier and more connected to the positive energy field around me.

“For me, I love it because it incorporates all of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve found in Eastern Philosophy, Physics and a lot of the modern work on energy.

It’s all here, but what sets it apart, again, is all of the help with the implementation – putting it into real practice to get real results for YOU!”

- Jennifer Henion
Founder, Field Puppy Nation
"I didn’t think anything this powerful."
“I found the energy program I did with Dr. Barry Morguelan very valuable in opening up new areas of energy and new freedoms of expression.”
- Werner Erhard
American author and lecturer
"The person I imagined myself to be the person I am today."
“It’s transformed every area of my life. The person I imagined myself to be all my life is the person I am today.”
- Ellen Robinson
President, TEAM Performance
"This is the deepest dive you can take."

“If you are really a high achiever and you really want to take things to the next level in terms of complete mind, body, and spirit optimization, you want to tap into this Energy in the fullest.

“This is the deepest dive you can take.”

- Ben Greenfield
Athlete, founder of Kion and Ben Greenfield Fitness.
- Jack T., Oklahoma
“A masterful practical practice to take you beyond your wildest dreams :-)”
- Antony M., New Zealand
“Methods for tapping into the powerful Source Energy of the universe. Harnessing that power to have and do whatever I desire.”
- Lucy M., New York
“[Energy For Success is an] organic, sustainable lifestyle choice that cultivates abundance and harmony in my life.”
- Omar A., California
“A powerful access to producing breakthroughs and manifesting your intentions.”
- Martha V.
“Impactful. [Energy For Success] gave me power that I didn’t know existed.”
- Margaryta T., New York
“5,000 years of love-based power, accessible. “
- Kirk H., District of Columbia
“Life changing.”
- Cathy T., Texas
“Mindblowing fast track to the life you want and better and easier…”
- Isabelle G., France
“It is the energy of Creation working in unisome with you. It is more powerful then the law of attraction or any program I have tried before.”
- Rosendo L., New York

Dragon Guarantee:
Our Commitment to Your Transformation

  At the heart of our journey together lies a steadfast belief in the transformative power of Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge and, more importantly, in your capacity for unparalleled success. We’re not just offering a program; we’re inviting you into a future of profound change and achievement.

  Understanding the leap of faith this requires, we’re proud to stand beside you with a promise: a 15-day window of complete confidence. If, within these 15 days, you find yourself not entirely convinced of the path we’re walking together—or the results it’s beginning to unveil—we will honor your journey’s integrity with a full refund, no questions asked.

  This is more than a guarantee; it’s our testament to the belief in your potential and the effectiveness of the ancient wisdom and modern strategies you’re about to experience.

  Dive in with peace of mind knowing we’re with you, every step of the way.

Bold Moves Turn Dreams into Destinies

  This is your pivotal moment to transform dreams into powerful destinies through decisive action.

  Every decision and every bold step propels you closer to the life you’ve envisioned. The path to unparalleled success and fulfillment is within grasp.

  Don’t let hesitation hold you back.

  With “Dragon,” you’re not just aspiring; you’re actively creating the life of fulfillment and achievement you desire.

  Let go of hesitation and let ambition guide you. Your potential is boundless, your future extraordinary and calling for greatness; answer it now.

  Start today—Let “Dragon” be the catalyst for the incredible chapters awaiting to be written in your story.

  You now have the key; turn it, and unlock the incredible journey ahead.

Your Questions, Answered: Everything You Want to Know About 'Dragon’

Q: How does Dragon: Winning No Matter the Challenge differ from other success and transformation programs?

A: "Dragon" is uniquely rooted in 5,000-year-old Tibetan Energy secrets, adapted for the modern-day achiever. It combines ancient wisdom with practical, modern strategies, supported by the unique RTVT methodology to ensure holistic success and fulfillment.

Q: What can I expect in terms of time commitment each month?

A: Each participant is encouraged to dedicate a few hours per month to engage with the provided materials and practices. However, the beauty of "Dragon" lies in its flexibility, allowing you to adapt the pace to suit your lifestyle.

Q: Is this program suitable for someone new to Energy practices?

A: Absolutely. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the concept of Energy work, "Dragon" is designed to meet you where you are, guiding you through every step of your transformation.

Q: Can I access the program materials from any device?

A: Yes, our private membership area is accessible across all devices, ensuring you can embark on your transformative journey from anywhere, at any time.

Q: What if I decide the program isn't for me?

A: We stand by the transformative potential of "Dragon", offering a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied within this period, we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

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