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Make This Fascinating Discovery About Yourself

Make This Fascinating Discovery About Yourself

Make This Fascinating Discovery About Yourself

When I traveled into The Sacred Mountains of China to learn from The Masters Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I quickly made an unexpected discovery.

These grumpy old men were not anxious to share their wisdom.

They didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms.

They had little or no interest in me. They were not impressed that I was a medical doctor and a surgeon.

They put me through test after test. They insulted me, they abandoned me, and in the process, they made me question myself.

  • Why was I really there?
  • What exactly did I hope to learn and how would I use this knowledge?
  • What degree of sacrifice was I willing to make?

To be clear, The Masters did not ask me these questions directly. But the way they treated me made these questions inevitable.

They knew I would question myself, and they understood, from their five thousand years of wisdom, that one of two things would happen.

The Two Approaches We Can Take

In this world, you can take one of two approaches.

You can believe that you were sent here because of some punishment and to experience an endless string of dismal days.

Or you can believe you were sent here to be fulfilled… no matter where your interests lie.

You can enjoy water skiing, you can enjoy roller skating, or you can enjoy other people.
This enjoyment of other people is a feeling that can easily expand into an enriching new experience. You realize that many people, perhaps more people than you can imagine, are your teammates.

Even if they are strangers and you don’t have a relationship with them, they can easily be your teammates.


There is a very real connection created by The Source Energy.

When we open our sensors to connect with The Energy and some of the 256 different vibrations, this connection has the ability to pull people together.

But let’s face it. Some people are easier to get along with than others. And the real world we go out into every day is a place where it often seems easier to be irritated with people than to get along with them.

One of the reasons these irritations get in the way is that there’s some kind of a distraction.

You get diverted or deflected. When you find yourself deflected, all of a sudden something happens, and you become irritated or upset.

You And Your Goals

You can have wonderful goals, good intentions, and then all of a sudden, something gets in the way.

This is when it’s helpful to remember that all the things that you’re involved with in life are for you.

This doesn’t mean you’re selfish, egotistical, and self-absorbed.

It means that you need to push aside the diversions and deflections and get back to your goals, the progress you want to achieve.

Ask yourself, “What’s the thing I want to accomplish with this person?”

It might seem like a stretch to think that this person who’s giving you a hard time is a teammate.

So, what can you learn about yourself to make the adjustment that’s needed to redesign and redefine this relationship?

What will you see, feel, and hear when you connect to The Source Energy that lets you easily get rid of the barriers, so you can accomplish what you want?

There’s a way to do this without caving in, and without making an uncomfortable compromise.

The answers will be there. When you’re in The Source Energy, you’re in a continuous flow state where…

  • You’re in the zone.
  • You can put the ball in the basket every time.
  • You can hit the tennis ball every time.
  • You can be relaxed.
  • You know all the answers when you take an exam.
  • You can come up with great ideas and invent wonderful business concepts.
  • You can enjoy a great family, great health, and great relationships.

How To Make All This Happen

The way to achieve all this is to recognize you’re the one who will guide events forward in a way that’s positive and productive… it’s up to you, not somebody else.

You’re the one to say, “I can win here with The Source Energy, I’ve got a team of people to work with, and we’re going to make this happen.”

This team of people doesn’t have to be employees or associates at work. You don’t even need to have a job.

Your teammates can be anyone. They don’t even need to be in the same town.

You Can Put An End To Lost Time And Lost Opportunities

When you get into this state and you begin to learn about yourself in exciting new ways, chances are you’ll discover that when irritation comes on, it arrives quickly.

Irritation explodes so fast that it’s difficult to recognize, let alone control.

It is a thief of time. The moments you spend feeling irritated are wasted moments.

At the exact same moment you’re arguing, somebody in another country is inventing what you’d like to invent.

Somebody is scheming to seize control of your company, take away your girlfriend, or in some way cause you avoidable harm.

This dynamic takes place every minute.

It’s why you’ll be a lot better off when you have an easy and reliable way to get rid of irritation. To nip it in the bud before it turns into a crippling problem.

Irritation is the resentment, regret, and resignation that piles onto you.

Here’s the good news.

Two words can help you melt all the irritation away. The words are, “Learn me.”

You react to irritation by asking yourself, “What is here for me to learn?”

Abbreviate this and just repeat two words…

“Learn me, learn me, learn me. Right now, I know I’m upset, so what exists here for me to learn?”

Something Remarkable You Can Learn Right Now

This skill is one of many that my students use to replace fear with courage, uncertainty with confidence, and loneliness with an abundance of rewarding relationships.

These things happen when you connect to The Source Energy.

All it takes is an open mind and some curiosity.

A great way to start is with The Dragon Eternal Success High Performance Program.

Take a look at it.

Please take a moment right now to find out about easy ways you can quickly connect to The Source Energy.

What do you need to modify?

What’s the best way to identify the right changes to make, and then make them?

Ask these questions, answer them, take regular action toward achieving your goals, and you’ll enjoy success.


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