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Hero Accelerator Private Membership Program

My Hero Accelerator Program is for those of you that would like to have more access to me and my team to go further, farther, faster in all of the results and goals that are important to you.

Submit your application and book a call to see if this program is the right fit for your journey.

You will receive monthly video sessions with me directly interacting with you on important topics and much more. Join a select group of people to discover your most authentic self, sharpen your focus, heal past wounds, and live with a sense of peace and calm. Remember, a calm mind is a brilliant mind. You can learn how to have it all in this immersive course.

Over the years Dr. B has supported high-achievers such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dave Asprey, Olympic and professional athletes, CEO’s, musicians, and creatives in excelling beyond their previous limits.

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How is this different from Mastery Program


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One, 3-hour Video Course - This specialized Immersion Course taught by Dr. B will support you to strengthen your choices to scale quickly and go beyond your wildest expectations.

1-2 Physical Practices - We offer simple and effective exercises that easily integrate into your daily routine. These physical practices open up your energy sensors, stimulate energy flow, and tap into your potential to succeed.

1-2 Mental Practices - This practice will sharpen your focus, clarify your thinking, and help you make the right decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

2-3 Guided Breathing Visualizations - The guided breathing visualizations offer fast, reliable access to meditation on the go, allowing you to supercharge your progress to better health, stronger performance, and an overall sense of calm.

4 times per month: Live Video Calls led by Dr B-trained facilitators - Participate in success calls with your course facilitator and ask questions, receive feedback, and discuss your progress.

Optional daily group conference calls: 365 days a year - Experience collective energy and success as part of a close community. You’ll feel energized and inspired by the end of each call.

Private FB Group - You don't have to make this journey alone. Find encouragement, build community, and get inspired by like-minded people who want to share in your success.


Weekly - Live! Individual facilitation with a powerful, Dr. B trained facilitator. Only this Hero Accelerator Program includes your own personal facilitator to support you in getting results rapidly.

1 Live! Video Session with Dr. B directly interacting only with you members on important topics.

1 Live! Energy Catapult Call with Dr. B for solving YOUR most pressing issues.


What our clients say:

"Dr. B has a fundamental capacity to help people heal that's uniquely different from anything I've ever experienced."

- Tony Robbins

"It really just changed my complete outlook on life. I really don't even recognize that person anymore that I was before. That year I was pregnant leading up to having my daughter was the most productive clinical year I have had. Which was just astounding."

- Marcella

"Dr. Barry’s work works in ways I can’t necessarily explain. But I’ll tell you, flat out, that he does something that is tangible and something that actually works."

- Dave Asprey

"Between clients I breath and do exercises. Within a few weeks I had a book published that I had been unable to edit for over a year and a half. My joy is so back now. Using the energy it doesn't matter where you are, whether you're a runaway, feeling alone, this energy will connect you back to yourself."

- Lin

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How much time does the Hero Accelerator Program take?

Our programs are designed so you can move at your own pace but the deeper you go into the practice the more you get out of it. Everyone is different but many of our clients report having results such as less anxiety, more energy, and better sleep after one week of doing a minimum of 15 minutes per day.


How can I benefit from the Hero Accelerator Program?

EFS gives you an integrated system for holistic personal and professional growth. This practice bridges the gaps between positive psychology, goal achievement, high-performance strategies, eastern practices, and the power of subtle energy fields to create real-world results in your life. It is a system that empowers you to bypass the stress and overwhelm of the modern world so you can transform your life, achieve your biggest goals, and experience true fulfillment in the process.

How exactly does the Hero Accelerator Program work?

Sign in to your account from your desktop or through the smartphone app. Once logged in, you'll see a dashboard of your programs. Each month, you’ll receive new material that will be automatically uploaded to your account. Click on your program and dive in! You'll receive access to a support team that is available to answer any questions you may have. We'll also send email updates with helpful tips throughout your journey..


Is there really a money back guarantee?

Yes, we believe in our program and its results. Within the first 30 days of your program, if you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase. You can cancel your subscription at any time with written notice. You can learn more about our Terms & Conditions here.

Can I have a one-on-one session with facilitators?

Yes! This is our ONLY program available that includes the opportunity to personally work with expert Energy for Success facilitators trained by Dr. Barry Morguelan (Dr. B.) to support your success every week.