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Energy For Success is a practical system to cut through overwhelm & stress using teachings of a 5,000 year old Chinese Source Energy discipline.

Experience unshakeable calm, focus, clarity, and authentic connection for yourself.

Origins of Source Energy

Based on a 5000 year old energy discipline originating in China, these Energy Principles were developed and used to protect the Chinese royal family.

Over time, this energy discipline gave rise to all energy disciplines you see today like reiki, chi gong, tai chi, etc. This is why it’s called Source Energy it’s the energy that’s the source of all energy practices.

Here's How It Works

Source Energy is a force — a pulsation, resonation, or vibration between everyone and everything. It is the Energy of the universe. Source Energy connects you to life force. Source Energy is active, works for you when you focus it on the areas of life in which you are most interested.

There are 3-steps to use Source Energy to cultivate even more success in life:

Access It: Once you enroll in an Energy for Success Program, actively engage with the materials by listening to the audios, watching the videos, and by doing the physical & mental exercises and guided visualizations.

Begin to focus daily on receiving the Source Energy. There is no effort nor struggle to get it. You learn that you don’t produce the Energy, you connect with it. Once you’re able to Access it, your next step is…

Interface With It: As you regularly access the Source Energy, you may notice everything feels lighter. Your body might begin to move as if it was guided by some other force — like you’re receiving a constant boost.

Imagine your body feeling healthier, looser, warmer, and smoother, without you having to direct or force it, as life comes to you with ease, grace, focus, and clarity.

Evolve With It: The best way to use Source Energy is to enjoy it. Just like you may enjoy your car without knowing what its parts are and how it works.

Enjoy it like you may enjoy electricity. You might not know how it is generated or how it works, however you enjoy the lights coming on when you flip the switch.

You can best enjoy the Energy by moving towards it and being active with it. You have a choice at every moment to evolve and expand with it.

By doing the physical & mental exercises, guided visualizations and focusing the Source Energy on your short- and long-term goals, YOU can produce extraordinary victories in each of your Great 8.

Introducing: Your Great 8

Energy for Success is the energy practice that lets you obtain long lasting results in all of the Great 8 areas of life:

Relationships: Relationships improve daily with self and other people at work, at home. They improve wherever you are spending your time. Relationships become remarkably rewarding for you and other people. Have more fun and enjoyment.

Expanding Finances: Consciously focus Source Energy towards every aspect of financial security and wealth. Use Source Energy in structuring your goals so that you become sharper every day and more effective at having success in your goal of financial abundance.

Accessing Equanimity: Find the joy in overcoming the upset, and meet daily challenges.

You can have the answers as you grow in the moment. Stop the rough matrix road and shift your focus to winning.

Re-adjust from upset to fascination and exhilaration as you follow the path towards success.

Creativity: Find unique winning solutions in every one of your endeavors. Be creative to address the surprises.

Be fortified to be in concert and merge with nature, your environment and the universe.

Health, Vitality, Strength: Improve your ability to access the Source Energy to WIN!

Amp yourself with practices to increase your ability to surf the waves and experience the vibrations of success.

Get stronger, look & feel younger, and have your body’s metabolism support you.

Intelligence: Use Source Energy to have access to excelling in your intelligence, in your perceptivity and in improving your talents daily.

You get smarter and more creative in noticing the exciting opportunities. You get to newly and joyfully discover the answers.

Notice of Serendipity on Command: Allow things to come to you in remarkable ways.

Improve your Energy practices daily, watch what fuels your daily goals, and have them come to fruition in many surprising and unexpectedly positive ways.

Getting in The Zone: Increase your efficiency and effectiveness daily in reaching your goals. Make one of your daily goals to experience yourself being in the Source Energy zone.

Increase the flow of Energy in whatever you are doing. Mobilize the sensors in your body to be in a creative flow state in handling your ideas. Handle the now with excitement.

Choose Your Path

Getting Started

with Dragon

Best Value For Overall Introduction to The Source Energy

Step-by-step at your own pace.

Are You Ready To Conquer Your Daily Challenges?

Harness your inner strength, reduce stress, sharpen your focus, and gain problem-solving skills at your own pace.

Go deep into your Source Energy to empower yourself to operate at an even higher level… Do you have the courage?


with Mastery

Most Comprehensive and Accelerated Source Energy Results

Accelerate your results “A calm mind is a brilliant mind.”

Discover your most authentic self, sharpen your focus, heal past wounds, and live with a sense of peace and calm.

What if you could change your outlook on life in a way that you don’t recognize the person you were before?

Meet Your Source
Energy Guide

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology, Dr. Barry Morguelan (Dr. B.) scoured the planet for the world’s most practical and effective systems of healing, transformational well-being, and personal success.

Deep in the mountains of China, Dr. B discovered and learned the 5000 year old energy discipline that was onced used to protect the royal family.

This energy discipline evolved into all of the energy disciplines you see today like reiki, chi gong, tai chi, etc. This is why it’s called “Source Energy” it’s the energy that’s the source of all energy practices.

Dr. B learned this ancient energy practice and brought it to the west. In fact, the Dr. Strange movie was inspired by him and he is one of the 12 living masters of this energy practice alive today.

He’s the only one that took all these disciplines and made them applicable to a western world, and now he works with people of influence, professional athletes, CEOs, and presidents to ensure that they are at the most optimal state of their performance.

A few people that you may know that he works with: Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, and Jay Abraham. Since beginning Energy for Success, he’s had over 15,000+ documented cases of success of these energy practices. Everything from healing from sickness all the way down to multi-billion dollar exits.

The fruits of a harrowing 30 year apprenticeship under the tutelage of a powerful sage deep in the mountains of China, Energy For Success represents Dr. B’s one-of-a-kind reinterpretation of an ancient personal energy mastery tradition, reimagined and adapted for the modern world by it’s only western Grand Master.

Energy For Success gives you an integrated system for holistic personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

This practice bridges the gaps between positive psychology, goal achievement, high-performance strategies, eastern practices, and the power of subtle energy fields to create real-world results in your life.

It is a system that empowers you to bypass the stress of the modern world so you can transform your life, achieve your biggest goals, and experience true fulfillment.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"[Energy For Success is] something that actually works!"
“[Energy For Success] can shift your ability to make energy inside your body in a way that is profound.”
- Dave Asprey
Founder of Bulletproof Coffee
"Uniquely different"
“Dr. B has a fundamental capacity to help people heal that’s uniquely different from anything I’ve experienced.”
- Tony Robbins
Chairman, Tony Robbins Holdings, Inc.
"It was like mainlining life back to someone who had given up."

“Within a few weeks, I had a book published that I had been unable to edit for over a year and a half.

“My joy is so back now. Using the energy, it doesn’t matter where you are; this energy will connect you back to yourself.”

- Dr. Lin Morel
Founder, Beyond Words Group, Inc.
"I didn’t think anything this powerful."

“Truthfully, I didn’t think anything this powerful and almost magical sounding could possibly be real, could possibly produce such exquisite outcomes for so many different people in so many different career, life, relationship and help situations.

“I challenged Dr. Barry to prove it first hand to me on my body, on my mind, on my business, with my work, with my relationships – – and you know what? He killed it!!”

- Jay Abraham
Owner, The Abraham Group
"The person I imagined myself to be ...is the person I am today."
“It’s transformed every area of my life. The person I imagined myself to be all my life is the person I am today.
- Ellen Robinson
President, TEAM Performance
"It incorporates all of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve found in Eastern Philosophy, Physics and a lot of the modern work on energy."

“This program was perfect for me because it not only helped me understand what Source Energy is and how it works – it ALSO helped me actually use it and focus it to create my life the way I want it to be.

As the course progressed, I learned how the physical exercises and guided visualizations open the sensors in my body and mind to see more opportunities – and frankly, raised my vibration, making me happier and more connected to the positive energy field around me.

“For me, I love it because it incorporates all of the nuggets of wisdom I’ve found in Eastern Philosophy, Physics and a lot of the modern work on energy.

It’s all here, but what sets it apart, again, is all of the help with the implementation – putting it into real practice to get real results for YOU!”

- Jennifer Henion
Founder, Field Puppy Nation
“Methods for tapping into the powerful Source Energy of the universe. Harnessing that power to have and do whatever I desire.”
- Lucy M., New York
“A masterful practical practice to take you beyond your wildest dreams :-)”
- Antony M., New Zealand
“Impactful. [Energy For Success] gave me power that I didn’t know existed.”
- Margaryta T., New York
- Jack T., Oklahoma
“A powerful access to producing breakthroughs and manifesting your intentions.”
- Martha V.
“Mindblowing fast track to the life you want and better and easier…”
- Isabelle G., France
“[Energy For Success is an] organic, sustainable lifestyle choice that cultivates abundance and harmony in my life.”
- Omar A., California
“5,000 years of love-based power, accessible. “
- Kirk H., District of Columbia
“The program easy to follow and stick to I feel noticeable results.”
- Samuel F., Arizona
“It is the energy of Creation working in unisome with you. It is more powerful then the law of attraction or any program I have tried before.”
- Rosendo L., New York
“Life changing.”
- Cathy T., Texas

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Upgrade your vibrations, and go deep into your Source Energy to empower yourself to operate at an even higher level... Do you have the courage?