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Special Offers for Live Events!

Special Offers for Live Events!


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$150.00 /mo

$150.00 $97 per month for 11 months


One time!



$150.00 $97 per month after



One time!

Life Mastery

Become a master of your mind and body Discover your most authentic self, sharpen your focus, heal past wounds, and live with a sense of peace and calm. Remember, a calm mind is a brilliant mind.

$500.00 /mo


$500.00 /mo


$297 per month after

$6,000.00 /yr


$2,997 per year after

$6,000.00 /yr

$2,997 per year after

Hero Accelerator

Go further, farther, faster in all of the results and goals that are important to you with even more access to Dr. B and his team.

$1,500.00 /mo


$1,500.00 /mo


$997 per month after

$18,000.00 /yr


$9,986 per year after

$18,000.00 /yr

$9,986 per year after

Here's a Few More Reasons Why...

Here's a Few More Reasons Why... 

"This is the answer we have been waiting for! (and we didn't know the right question to ask.) It found us."

  - Carole Ann D., Ohio

"A masterful practical practice to take you beyond your wildest dreams :-)"

  - Antony M., New Zealand

"Methods for tapping into the powerful source energy of the universe. Harnessing that power to have and do whatever I desire."

  - Lucy M., New York


  - Jack T., Oklahoma

"A different approach to navigating all the challenges in all the dimensions of life, from finances, health, to relationships that results in better outcomes. "

  - Alex R., Texas

"Mindblowing fast track to the life you want and better and easier..."

  - Isabelle G., France

"[Energy For Success is an] organic, sustainable lifestyle choice that cultivates abundance and harmony in my life."

  - Omar A., California

"A powerful access to producing breakthroughs and manifesting your intentions. "

  - Martha V.

"A guide for how to live life on earth. Practical, vibrant, and limitless in the application."

  - Will O., France

"It is the energy of Creation working in unisome with you. It is more powerful then the law of attraction or any program I have tried before."

  - Rosendo L., New York

"5,000 years of love-based power, accessible. "

  - Kirk H., District of Columbia

"Life changing."

  - Cathy T., Texas

"Experienced as an elixir of life, in your own control, if practiced."

  - Lois S., Texas

"The program easy to follow and stick to I feel noticeable results."

  - Samuel F., Arizona

"It is amazing, I love it. It is so easy, so helpful! Now my 16 is using it, too!"

  - Allison B., California

"Impactful. [Energy For Success] gave me power that I didn’t know existed."

  - Margaryta T., New York

"An ancient and well tried method of doing everything better. I helps me be a better me and do what I always wanted to do."

  - Chris I., Alberta, Canada

"Energy for Success opens up the awareness to our ability to be in control of our royal mind body and emotions to allow for greater and greater awareness to new pathways that benefit and heal and expand us here on earth."

  - Mary G., California

Will You Be Next?

"What's Inside The Dragon?"

Month 1: Ready for Change

Because everything is changing all the time, we’re kicking this program off with the topic of fear and change.

The more you can adapt and move with this change, the more powerfully you can create win-win situations in your life to get results far beyond anything you could previously expect.

Month 2: Closing the Worry Loop

Secrets to stop siphoning off your energy with worry. The result will be that you have much more energy to take action on your goals.

Month 3: End Loneliness Forever

Learn techniques to help you feel connected and nourished by your relationships with others.

The tools and practices provided to you will support your performance in shooting through the roof.

Month 4: Making Smarter Decisions

Learn how to make intelligent decisions quickly and creatively pivot when things take a difficult turn. This course will focus on how you can make creative decisions on the spot that result in win-win solutions.

Month 5: Making Smarter Decisions

Apply the Energy For Success practices when the real world throws you a curve.

You’ll learn how to open up alternate paths, expand your range of possibilities, and find win-win solutions to any of life’s unexpected challenges.

Month 6: Creativity in Every Act

This course will focus on the practices that will slowly shift your entire approach to work, relationships, health, and problem solving. These practices will open you to the creativity available in each moment, in each decision, and each act.

Month 7 : Extreme Perception

Be ready to increase your perceptivity. You can expect to begin to see “problems” as they are, undistorted by emotional filters.

Month 8 : Always Be Ready

Cultivate a vibrational state of readiness and be fully present and connected to the energy, so you’re ready to meet reality at all times.

Month 9 : Letting Go of the Past

How to Just. Let. Go.  

You will learn how to free your energy from the bonds of the past and instead develop a whole new quality of freedom to create a better life than you could have imagined.

Month 10 : Achieving Peace

Are you ready to access the vibration of peace.?

This month’s course will help you neutralize your reactions to conflicts conflicts all around you, especially on the internet and in the media, so you can create YOUR life from a place of peace.

Month 11 : Everything Is My Job

Get ready to embrace total responsibility.

You will learn how to empower yourself to take complete ownership of your life, your relationships, and your decisions.

Month 12 : Expanding Your Capacity

Learn one of the most powerful vibrations of this entire program. Enhance your capacities, assume greater responsibility, and create new capacity with the Energy For Success practices.