Ascended Masters

This transformational Energy guided breathing visualization program is an invitation to the path of self-mastery.

This 4-week immersion program takes you deep into Source Energy, connecting you to over 30 different vibrations to activate the highest levels of your potential.


Each week is a deep-dive on a single theme: Health, Relationships, High Performance, and Mastering the Energy. Every day there are two unique guided breathing visualizations––one for the morning and one for the evening. Each one to connect you to specific Source Energy vibrations that will support, awaken, or amplify one aspect of the theme.

In a single month, your connection to Source Energy, your vital energy, your ability to execute on your goals, the quality and depth of your relationships, the magical synchronicity of opportunities and people coming into your life, even your perception of time can be dramatically transformed. Once you’ve completed the program, you will have a complete Energy toolkit to use for any situation you may face in your journey through life. Whether you want to amp up your performance, connect more deeply to your loved ones, or enhance your vitality, you will have instant access to Source Energy vibrations to support every one of your goals in any area of life.

Your Program Includes:

App and Guided breathing Visualizations

Mind and Body Cleansing I
Mind and Body Cleansing II
The Circulatory System
The Respiratory System
The Lymphatic System
The Neurological System
The Energetic System
Building Connection Universally
Win-Win Relationships
Communicating in the Energy
Attracting the Right Relationships
Freedom to Be
High Performance Using Flow
Success Through Failure
Getting in the Zone
Creating Universal Success
Performing in the “I Don’t Know”
Mastering the Unknown
Accessing Your Full Potential
Decision Making
You Are Supported
Solutions are All Around
Expansion and Evolution
Sustaining Momentum



I found this Energy Program I did with Dr. Morguelan very valuable in opening up new areas of energy and new freedoms of expression.
— Werner Erhard , author and lecturer

Your Source

Energy Guide

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology, Dr. B scoured the planet for the world’s most practical and effective systems of healing, transformational well-being, and personal success.

The fruits of a harrowing 30 year apprenticeship under the tutelage of a powerful sage deep in the mountains of China, Energy For Success represents Dr. B’s one-of-a-kind reinterpretation of an ancient personal energy mastery tradition, reimagined and adapted for the modern world by its only western Grand Master.

EFS gives you an integrated system for holistic personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

This practice bridges the gaps between positive psychology, goal achievement, high-performance strategies, eastern practices, and the power of subtle energy fields to create real-world results in your life.

It is a system that empowers you to bypass the stress of the modern world so you can transform your life, achieve your biggest goals, and experience true fulfillment.

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