Your EFS Source Energy Jump Start

Start here on Your Enlightening Path with Dr. B’s Transformative Work with EFS Source Energy, and equip yourself with essential insights that will serve as the foundation of your journey with Dr. B.
The conversation below has close to a million downloads, and is a treasure trove of foundational insights into the essence of EFS Source Energy and its application in daily life.
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Continue Your EFS Source Energy Jump Start

The select material below is presented to deeply enrich your understanding and practice of EFS Source Energy. It will serve as the foundation of your journey with Dr. B.

As you explore these materials, you’re not just listening; you’re engaging with the very vibrations of EFS Source Energy that course through them. Seize this moment to unwind and immerse yourself. Take note of the shifts you experience.

  • You Can Let Go of the Negatives — Finally able to craft a present and future defined by fulfillment and inner peace, without the incessant pull of past regrets and the Matrix’s constraints.

    With clear direction and energy practices tailored just for you, this is the change that enables a true and lasting transformation.
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  • How To Be a Hero Every Morning — Awaken to a life where every morning is aligned with your deepest purpose. Where you effortlessly steer through challenges, and enjoy nurturing relationships that thrive on meaningful connectivity.

    Plus… Shatter the illusion of the rat race, and replace the chaos with crystal clear focus as you discover a profound sense of fulfillment and unshakable equanimity in every aspect of your life.

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Continue with Your Rapid Transformation

Dr. B.’s Rapid Transformational Vibration Technique (RTVT) is an Energy For Success EFS Source Energy Mindfulness Method designed to steer your inner vision and imagination towards your objectives.

Allow the nurturing vibrations (your natural birthright to harmony) guide you to newfound freedom – an inner sanctuary of peace that amplifies success in every aspect of your life. They empower you to open your sensors and creativity, and prepare your mind, body, and spirit to experience the massive Energy shifts coming your way.

  • Open Your Self to Massive Energy: You’re about to guide Energy through your body with your breath, feeling it transform your deepest desires into palpable reality.

    This RTVT is an awakening — a realization of your heroic potential in every aspect of life. Thrive in all your Great Eight, propelled by the EFS Source Energy shaped by millennia of wisdom.

    The power to ascend to your peak is now in your hands. Click here to Open Yourself To Massive Energy now (RTVT) >>

  • Create Your Future: Experience a ripple effect of Energy, touching everything from personal creativity to the richness of relationships.
    Let go, let in, and watch as your potential unfurls across all endeavors. This gift of rejuvenation transcends the bounds of the ordinary, because it’s time to step into the extraordinary.

    Click Here to Create Your Future now (RTVT) >>

Get in the Flow State Without Effort

Step into your power with just a stretch of your hands. This simple, yet transformative physical practice wipes away distractions, and aligns you with a profound sense of purpose and readiness to face whatever the day brings. 

This practice isn’t just movement; it’s an embodiment of control and intention, a declaration of your command over the day ahead. 

As you do this physical practice every day, declare “Today will be wonderful.” Why? Because you’re not just part of the process—you are the EFS Source Energy process of discovering the wonderful gifts that are waiting inside of you. And now you can now access at will.

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