3 Tips To Get Into the Energy (Even If You’re Just Starting)

When you get in the Energy, you find a place of unshakeable calm, focus, clarity, and authentic connection. It’s a state where you can find inner strength, reduce stress, and sharpen focus. This means you have the space to discover your most authentic self, sharpen your focus, heal past wounds, and live with a sense of peace and calm.

Now, naturally you are probably asking…

“How do I get into the Energy if I’m just getting started?”

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If you want to open your senses, pull in these vibrations, get calm, focused, and completely in the Energy flow – where you can keep pulling more in – you’re going to love these 3 tips to get into the Energy (even as a beginner).

1. Trust that Your Source Energy is Natural.

All of these energy vibrations are natural for your body. You don’t have to think about it. In fact – you don’t even have to be a positive thinker. You don’t have to work yourself up, because your body already naturally loves the process of soaking up the Energy.

Think about how it feels to sit outside in the sunshine. That’s your body soaking up the energy in the form of vitamin D, coming from the light!

When you watch my videos or listen to the audios, vibrations are embedded within them that will open up the sensors in your body. From there, you start pulling it in yourself so you’re always in the flow instead of feeling stress and overwhelm.

You can experience it for yourself if you’re just starting in my free guided visualization for instant healing energy >>

2. You Can Choose to Direct the Energy.

Many of us live every day trying to find ways to make it through. Of course, you want to have a victory, and yet you’re also fighting against the cultural milieu that pushes the narrative that life is hard and gets less enjoyable as it goes on.

The milieu tells us not to expect much, and it is this mindset you have to abandon. Even if people around you demonstrate or live life with low expectations, you can choose a different reality for yourself.

When you go with the flow of the Energy and allow your life to improve with an open mind will get you much farther.

3. Open your brain.

By opening your brain, you allow yourself to get smarter each day. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you open your mind to the concept of energy, you will become more intelligent and more open-minded to the world around you.

You see, the energy goes where you focus it. If you focus on opening your mind, you’re going to watch your mind grow. As your brain opens up and you can feel smarter, you can also look and feel younger.
The world isn’t going to help you — you have an opportunity to take full responsibility for yourself, and go out and create it on your own.


You don’t let your thoughts and emotions run you – you create the vibrational states so you’re in the flow.

Remember in the movie, The Matrix… toward the end, Neo saw everything coming at him in slow motion. When you harness your Source Energy, fife around you begins to slow down so you can actually multitask, and everything seems to fit together.

Think about it…

What if life was like that everyday?

You’d experience all the things you’d like to experience… then you realize you can count on yourself. You begin to trust yourself. Imagine that — what are you going to do now that you can count on yourself?
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